How E-Tailoring Is Making Online Clothes Shopping More Reliable

These brands are transforming online commerce with e-tailoring, which provides more accurate measurements that ensure that products fit to boost shopper confidence

At this point, pretty much everyone knows the disappointment of trying on an online purchase at home, only to discover that it doesn’t fit correctly. Whether it’s denim, a dress shirt or even a pair of shoes, guessing at the right fit can be difficult even from familiar brands. Then there’s the hassle of sending it all back, a formality that both retailers and consumers would rather avoid.

But thanks to new technology, brands are beginning to tackle this issue head-on. E-tailoring, which is exactly what it sounds like, allows retailers to provide the perfect fit before their customers place their orders, making returns much less likely. These brands are changing the face of online shopping with their own e-tailoring technology:

This Israeli startup designed a very special pair of shorts with embedded tech that measures customers exactly. After slipping them on, users see their exact waist and hip measurements and can then shop a curated list of best-fit jeans, featuring brands like American Eagle, Citizens of Humanity and Old Navy.

California-based company Fit-Any is on a mission to make e-tailoring more personal. At shoe parties, which are the only place to buy the brand’s selection of secondhand designer shoes, shoppers use a custom boot to find their exact size. This measurement works across shoe brands, allowing them to find the right fit before making a purchase.

Lead image: stock image from G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock