Finish Your Holiday Shopping At The Airport With A Gorgeous, Boozy Skull

This Limited-Edition Crystal Head Vodka, John Alexander Artist Series, is only available in select duty-free shops.Crystal Head Vodka

A survey by the National Retail Federation late last year revealed that 53 percent of consumers or some whopping 126 million people aren’t finished with their Christmas shopping until the last Saturday before Christmas.

If you’re one of those 126 million people – or the ones like some of my relatives who don’t finish their shopping until Christmas Eve – and you’ve already checked your bags at the airport, don’t worry.  There are always the shops at the airport, and if you’re flying out of one of the dozens of airports with Duty Free Shopping stores, you’re not out of time – or out of great gifts. In fact, there are some unique gifts that can ONLY be found in these stores.

One such item is the Limited-Edition Crystal Head Vodka, John Alexander Artist Series. This iconic vodka, known for its skull-sculpted, crystal bottles, has been selling its first limited edition, artist series bottle only through duty-free travel stores in airports. That’s right. It’s not available in retail stores elsewhere.

This limited edition bottle is decorated with a finish derived from Alexander’s painting, Dancing on the Water Lilies of Life  (the real painting, completed in 1988, is displayed at the Dallas Museum of Art). Each of the 25,000 limited edition bottles are painted by hand by one of three craftsmen in a small workshop in Milan, Italy, and each bottle is numbered.

The John Alexander Artist Series No. 1 bottle comes in 750 ml size, and its suggested retail price is $149.95.  Domestically, you can find this on sale at Dufry Travel Retail outlets in Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Minneapolis, Tampa, Newark and Detroit. It’s also for sale at outlets in Istanbul, Copenhagen, Amsterdam,  Berlin, Vienna, Hong Kong, Jeju (South Korea), and Sydney, among other places.